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A collage of images featuring people with disabilities.Imagery reflecting justice, accessibility, and advocacy are also highlighted.

GAO's Mission

To organize our resources and follow our values and legal mandates in ways which substantially increase the number of people who are voluntarily standing beside and for people in Georgia who have significant disabilities and mental illness.

GAO's Vision

GAO envisions a Georgia where all people have value, visibility and voice; where even the most difficult and long-lasting challenges are addressed by ordinary citizens acting voluntarily on behalf of each other; and where the perception of disability is replaced by the recognition of ability.

GAO's Initiatives

  • Preventing Abuse and Neglect

  • Children and Youth

  • Children's Freedom Initiative

  • Employment for People with Disabilities

  • Citizen Advocacy: Engaging Georgians in
    Protection and Advocacy

  • Living in the Community

  • Olstead/ADA

  • Preventing Restraint and Seclusion in Schools

  • Self Advocacy